4 week Fat Burn Program!

Fat Burn 4 week program!
Do you need some guidance, new ideas or have a limited time to workout each day? This program may be exactly what you are looking for. With 3, 40 minute circuits a week, this program can be completed with limited equipment!

The program comes with instructions, pictures and descriptions of the exercises to be done each day for 4 weeks.

High intensity interval training is achieved by performing each exercise for 45 seconds, with a 15 second break to switch to the next.

30 minutes of low intensity steady state exercise is suggested on 3 days of the week as well for best results.

Once purchased the program can be kept on your phone, or printed off. You will have communication with Jacki whenever needed for questions or concerns about the program.

Program costs are $100 including GST. Email Jackie to get started today!


Stick with it, 4 weeks is just the beginning!


Here is a testimonial from a client who purchased the program .


I found the 4 week program really effective by alternating with a circuit and cardio workout each day.
– I could feel an increase in my energy level after a solid week of the program and started noticing results in my appearance after 2 weeks.
– There was a good variety of exercises each day so it felt like I was doing a full body workout on the circuit days.
– I liked how you needed minimal equipment and the circuits took me about 30 minutes which fit really well into my busy schedule.
– The layout is very easy to follow and I like how there is a brief description of each exercise to explain how to do it.
– My heart rate really increased by only have 15 seconds between exercises, giving a high intensity workout.
– During weeks 3 & 4 it got a little repetitive doing the circuits 5 times each, but increasing the weights provided more of a challenge to off set that.
– I really liked being able to have the program in front of me at the gym on my phone to look at, and not having to go to a website or carry around papers.
– I appreciated that I could contact Jacki with any questions or advice, she was always available.