What Our Clients Say

At Firstline Training, we are devoted to our client’s success in our facility and in their athletic endeavours. We strive to challenge each one of our clients to achieve improved performance and optimal results.

Carter Hart

"“I have been training with Phil since I was 15 years old. He has been awesome to me and I wouldn’t be where I am at today without him. He has gotten me into the best shape of my life and I love working with him. He is easily one of the best trainers in Alberta and probably all of Canada. He is an elite trainer and its great to see him get that great new facility up and running.” "

Sam Steel

"I cannot say enough good things about Firstline Fitness Training. The facility and knowledge of the trainers is second to none. The intensive training program I have received has made me strong, faster and brought me to the next level. "

Josh Derko

"Firstline Training has provided me with the edge to continue playing hockey at high levels and allowed me to gain a reputation of always having a high level of fitness. The personalized programs and vast knowledge of the trainers allowed me to recover from injuries quicker and return to the game even better than before. I highly recommend Firstline to any player looking to get ahead of the competition and further their fitness to higher levels than obtainable on your own. "

Riley Kieser

"Firstline Training is a facility for any athlete looking to make that next level. All the trainers are very personable and know how to push for results, while the group style workouts are a great atmosphere for teammates to push each other. I continue to go back to Phil because I know if I put in the effort at Firstline, I will have the best opportunity for success in the upcoming season. "

Cody Kunyk

"I have been training with Phil for over 6 years. He’s great at what he does and pushes you to be the best. He has got me to where I am today and am grateful to that. "

Mark Pysyk

"I’ve been training with Firstline Fitness trainers for the past 7 summers and every training camp I’ve gone to, I felt that I was in the best shape that I could be in and had the best chance to make that team. The trainer’s knowledge on hockey has helped me improve both my off-ice training, in addition to my on-ice skills. I would recommend Firstline Fitness Training to any hockey player, from all age groups, if they would like to improve their level of fitness and help their game. "