Small Group Training Class

Starts Jan 9th Ends March 29th

First Line’s Small Group Classes are what you need in the new year to help get you over your holiday hangover. The classes will incorporate a variety of training styles. We will focus on core, strength, endurance, power and flexibility during the 12 weeks. Group sizes are a maximum of 12 clients at a time. We offer a full towel service so if you need to get to work right after your workout we have everything you need to get you looking sharp.


  • Tuesdays at 6:00am, Thursday at 6:00am and Saturday at 8:00am


  • 36 sessions $432.00 ($12 a session) Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
  • 24 sessions $360.00 ($15 a session) Tuesday and Thursday
  • 12 sessions $210.00 ($17.50 a session) Tuesday or Thursday
  • 10 Session Punch Pass $200 ($20 a session) Tuesday or Thursday or Friday

Bring a friend and save! If you refer a friend you will save 15% off your program costs. Receive cash back if the client is referred after the start of the program.


Register at Firstline  135 3001 Buckingham Drive Sherwood Park AB