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Firstline Fitness Training has qualified experienced trainers that are able to help with any athlete or client to reach his or her fitness goals.


Meet Bree Guhle (Joga Instructor).

Bree always had a passion for sport and movement, when she found Joga she knew it was what she was supposed to do. Showing athletes a system that allows them to prevent injuries and gives them that extra edge to move with more efficiency in their sport is what Bree strives to achieve with each individual.

Joga is an athletic style of yoga that blends postures and sports movements so athletes can find more balance in strength and flexibility. It gives athletes the tools to improve performance, prevent injuries and manage stress. Joga is a system of movement that educates athletes on how to move kinetically, how to syndicate and integrate core and breath throughout movement patterns and how to use breath to elicit relaxation and regulate sleep. The system replicates cadence and biomechanics in sports and showcases where common injuries occur during movement; injuries happen during movement so all of the long holds your find in traditional yoga don’t necessarily make sense athletically.

How does Joga benefit athletes? It exposes deficiencies and weaknesses within the body and gives you the tools to turn those weaknesses’ into strengths. The system is designed to rebuild muscular imbalances that are caused from overuse, repetition and injuries. Once these imbalances are corrected, the body is able to move more effectively, increasing performance and agility, while at the same time decreasing the chance of injury because the body is not over compensating.

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