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Firstline Fitness Training has qualified experienced trainers that are able to help with any athlete or client to reach his or her fitness goals.


Meet Marcel Desmarais.

Marcel has always been passionate about sports and they’ve always been a part of his life. He began University in 2011 to pursue a Bachelor of Kinesiology degree knowing that he wanted to do something that would immerse him in the world of sports, most notably hockey.

While at the U of A, he worked as both the Athletic Therapist and Equipment Manager for the Women’s hockey team. He continues to work with the team since graduating, most notably winning a National Championship in 2017. He was also named as an Equipment Manager for Hockey Canada Women’s Development Camp in 2017. Marcel finished his BKin at U of A in December 2015 and has since become a NSCA Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach (CSCS). Whether they’re performance goals or learning to live a healthier lifestyle, he always strives to help his clients reach their potential. His passion for the industry and learning how to better both himself and his clients are what makes him such a great fit at Firstline.

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